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Misc Unsigned Bands - Negative Nine - Torn 1st Half tab

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E                           B  
I've been torn apart so many times
  D                          A
My whole world is spinning round.
 E                        B
Death and decay are awaiting me.
 A                               Em
And If I fall when will I hit the ground.
 E                       B
Another way to end this pain,
D                           A
To leave and never see you again.
E                               B
A million miles, I've walked this road
A                              Em
I never found what I was looking for.
E                                 B
I'm falling back into where I never knew,
D                                      A
I'd die a thousand deaths just to be with you.

Lost but never alone
I'm somewhere that I call home.
D                     D D D D D E
I've been so far away…
…I've made so many mistake
I've been torn in two. (pause)

And I'm coming back to you!

E B D A. E B D A. (Fast Paced)

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