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Misc Unsigned Bands - Jeff Andrews - Frighten tab

Frighten -- Jeff Andrews, track 9 from ďJosias RiverĒ
Tabbed by Travis (
Entire song is G (320033) and C9 (x32033)

Intro: repeat once, end on first open G second time

Verses: eventually gets to 3 voice parts. Strumming mimics picking pattern as closely as 
throughout song with evident bass notes.

Verse 1:
Itís like a race, it gets to you
Itís like a fight against myself
I frighten you, you close one more window
And the breeze still blows cold through the pane
I am longing more each day
You are hurting less each day
I am hoping you each day
You are sending me away

Verse 2: (overlay with Verse 1; twice as fast)
Itís like a priceless work of art, and my heel is to the costs
And Iíve got to go ahead, Ďcause I donít think Iíve lost you yet
Itís like a perfect sunset, when you cannot take a picture
But even if you did it would ruin the whole purpose
Itís like an eagle flying high, and you just sit back and watch it
And you never say a word Ďcause you shared it with yourself
Itís like dying every day doing exactly what you should do
And you turn around and tell yourself she doesnít really need you

Verse 3: the third voice actually starts Verse 1 halfway through Verse 2 at the drawn 
ďYou...Ē while the first voice starts ďI am longing...Ē. Listening to the recording will 
this clear.
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