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Misc Unsigned Bands - Stephen Jerzak - Cute chords

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Capo 9
**I did this really fast. room for improvements.
&&&++ I'm super proud of myself because this is my first one :))

 1st verse       
     c                                           g
You're eyes are blue like the ocean and baby I'm lost out at sea
             c                        g
Did the sun just come out or did you smile at me
             c                        g
I've been trying to ask you but I can't seem to speak
             c                      g
Was it love at first sight cuz I walked by last week
             f      dm
I'm singing Fa la la la la

2nd Verse (same as above)
Your lips look so lonely would they like to meet mine
You are the one that I've been hoping to find
You're so sweet that you
put Hersheys out of business 
Can I have a photograph to show my friends that
angels truly exist
I'm singing Fa la la la la

You're as cute as a button
The things you do sure are something
       c               g
Are you running out of breath
      c                 g         c
from running through my head all night
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