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Misc Unsigned Bands - Kids Of The Future - Life chords

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Life is about, freindship.

Life is about, love.

Life is about, so many things.

Life is about, all of the above.


   G         C       G                
We waste our time to figure things out.

    G           C       G
But wasting our time is not what life's about.

   G       C          G
We have to belive and find our selves.

'Cause the only thing thats missin'
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         G G F F E E D D
Is life.

         G G F F E E D D
Is life.


G  C  G
Be yourself.

    G     C    F  F#
And don't give up.

    G  C    G
And be sure to share love.

Just like the turtle doves.


(Drum solo)


(My band made thias song so you wont find it on iTunes untill we publish it.)

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