Misc Unsigned Bands - Michael Holliday - The Story Of My Life chords

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The Story Of My Life:Michael Holliday.
#1 in 1958.
Marty Robbins later had a hit with his version.

#1.   (Orig. key. See it on YouTube.)
A                    D          A           D
Someday I'm going to write, the story of my life.
     A              E             D
I'll tell about the night we met, and how my heart 
E                 A        D       E  A  E
can't forget, the way, you smiled, at me.

E   A                 D         A           D
I'd like the world to know, the story of my life.
    A                E              D       
the moment that your lips met mine, and that first 
E                A         D      E  A  A7
exciting time, I held, you close, to me.

    D                        A
The sorrow when our love was breakin' up.
    D           A
The memory of a broken heart.
    D                    A      F#m
But later on, the joy of makin' up.
B7            E
Never, never, more to part.

E       A                 D     A               D
There's one thing left to do, before my story's through.
     A               E            D            E
I've got to take you for my wife, so the story of my life,
    A          D    E    A   E A
can start, and end, with you.


    A         D    E   A         D    E    A   D A E A
Can start and end..can start and end, with you...

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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