Misc Unsigned Bands - Johannes Posse - Love O Mine chords

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Capo 5th

F Fm F/G x2

F Fm    F/G
Love of mine
F   Fm    F/G
The one I love so much
F   Fm      F/G
Why can't I tell You how I feel
F   Fm       F/G
Why is it so hard

E                  Am
But, now I'm gonna tell You
F                          G
  All the things I want to say
E                    Am                       
I have never been so sure about something in my
F      Fm           C
  life before I met You

F Fm F/G x2

F Fm      F/G
How can I tell You
F   Fm       F/G
How much You means to me
F Fm      F/G
I want to walk next to You
F       Fm         F/G  
For the rest of my life


C Am E F x2

Ref x2

F                Fm               F/G
----0----        ----0----        ----0----
----1----        ----1----        ----1----
----2----        ----0----        ----0----
----3----        ----3----        ----2----
----3----        ----3----        ----3----
----x----        ----x----        ----3----
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