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Misc Unsigned Bands - Scott Joseph Phares - I Can Promise That chords

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Chords are
(Capo on 3rd fret, if you play along with his song)

D/F# - 200033
D- 000232

G                         D/F#
i write the letters on your face
i hope we never have to leave
G                           D/F#
no one could ever take this place
i believe..
G                    D/F#
to catch you smiling back
thats one of my favorite things
G               D/F#
my only hope is that
we never have to leave this place

A7                                C
i just want to stay here in these blankets
A7                       C
so close to you i can barely breathe
A7                 C
i only pray that we'll make it
A7                  C
cause i know you'll always be

G                D
there to keep me smiling
i'll keep you happy
G     D       Em
i can promise that

G                  D/F#
i only want to be where you are
just to walk with you
G                            D/F#
i love when you cover up your face
and all the little things you do
G                                    D/F#
i love when you smile and squint your eyes
and when you act like you're mad
G                           D/F#
you're just so cute and i don't know
how i got to be with you this way  
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