Misc Unsigned Bands - Kristine Mirelle - Let Go chords

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Hey I'm Josh and this is a song by Kristine Mirelle called "Let Go". It's a good song... 
you have anymore questions hit me up. my aim is mi3nboijosh and my email is 
     hope u guys like it. thanks

basically the same chords are played throughout the whole song. play with barchord.

the chords are D#, Bb, C, G# or Gmaj. its one of them but imma go ahead and call it G#

D#: 068800
Bb: 013300 or 688000 doesnt matter how u play it tho.
C:  035500
G#: 466500

Verse 1:
D#                               Bb
Every time I found the words to say
What I thought would make things okay
I kept it all inside
Slowly drowning in my pride
I never could admit my own mistakes
Some how I thought things would fall into place
And I made a change too late


D#                     Bb
Here, past all the lights
Where everything's clear
Nothing seems to change
How I love you and now
You're gonna leave
                 C               G#
I'm just slowly dying here inside

Trying to let go

Verse 2:

Maybe I just thought I had you here
I thought that you would not go anywhere
I abused my position and I didn't care
And now that you no longer turn to me
And it seems that you got over me
I can hardly breathe
You no longer need me
I'm just sorry I found out late but all the choices I Made I thought of me
And not how it'd be to watch you walk away
I know I'll never make it right but everyday I try
In hopes you might come back you're where my heart's at
I have to find a way

go to chrous...


And everytime I think of you
It's hard for me to think of what I can do
I used to have you here beside me
I just want you here beside me baby
How can the sun keep shinin'
When my whole body's cryin
I know I never told you why
I need you in my life


Go to chorus
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