Misc Unsigned Bands - The Crazy Boyz - The Girl By The River chords

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song:the girl by the river
band:The Crazy Boyz
single:the number 1's (2009)
words and music: roy/remy


    em          a7       c            g
the girl by the river is watching the sea
    em                a7         c          g
she thinks that it is nice cause now she is free

dm                        am
from the life that we all hate
dm                           am
she put that boring thing on wait
dm                 am
and now all we can see
dm             am
is she's gonna be

  em      a7           c            g
a man is coming with a thing in his hand
em           a7        c      g
now it get's scary for her my man.
em a7 c g

dm                 am
nananananananaaaaa aaa
dm              am 
scubi dubi rabi ruuu
dm                      am
wiggi waggi wuggi waggi waa
dm                    am
rich geggi guggi gagg guuu

    em            a7           c           g
the man that was coming had a rose in his hand
    em          a7       c         g
she was so his happy if you understand

em   a7   c    g

dm                 am
they both are very god
dm                     am
and smiling with their face
dm                    am
each other they understood
dm               am
they are getting chased

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