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Misc Unsigned Bands - Grieving For Grace - Still chords

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Tabbed By: ddukki

This is my first tab, so please be gentle.  I was listening to this song that was
away on my HDD since 2007 so I thought I'd give playing it a go.  Grieving for Grace 
kind of weird tuning on their guitar, because it sounds like they have an open drone 
for their first string.  Here's the best I could come up with in standard tuning.

Second Capo [Numbers and chord positions are all relative to the Capo]

Intro:   [xxx40x]
B5:      [x2440x]
G#m7:    [42440x]
B5/F#:   [22440x]
Bsus4/E: [02440x]

Verse 1:
Intro [xxx40x]                      G#m7
You've walked this road ten times before and now once more
B5/F#                        Bsus4/E
You wish the world would disappear but the face reappears
B5                             G#m7
It must be strange not knowing when the knife cuts through the skin
B5/F#                             Bsus4/E
Or if your dreams were dreams at all or just the space left to crawl

B5           Bsus4/E
And I close my eyes
G#m7                B5/F#     Bsus4/E
But you're still the one I recognize
B5                             Bsus4/E
And through the maze of what is true
G#m7    B5/F#         Bsus4/E
I've discovered that I still love you

Verse 2:
B5                     G#m7
And now I lie awake to find someone else in your life
B5/F#                        Bsus4/E
But does he treat you like he should, or love you like I could?


That I still love you
  Bsus4/E G#m7   B5/F# B5
B5  B5/F#
And I      re  -  fuse to let you   go
       Bsus4/E   G#m7 B5/F#  B5
B5 B5/F#
Those sparkling brown eyes still move me  so
  Bsus4/E G#m7 B5/F#   B5
 B5   B5/F#
So won't  you  give    us  one  more  try?
  G#m7?           B5/F#        Bsus4/E
I know that we'll make it this time, this time, yeah


Note: The bridge gets a little hectic, with almost a chord per word.  Just listen to the
and the rhythm should come naturally.

If you see any corrections needed in these chords, mail me at:

I would like to play this song correctly, so if anyone has any insight as to how this is
played, or can point me to a video where it's played live, that'd be awesome!

Rock on!
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