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The Morning Light
The Morning Light

This is the greatest album ever.  Some of the songs proved to be simple (done 
writing love songs), while others showed to be complex (Wake Up!).

|--Wake Up!--|


E A E A G F# E

*Verse 1:*

E           A           E          A
Wake up get out of bed, hand on my aching head

G          F#             E
Living and living just to live

E        A             E           A
Take the stairs alone, ring on the telephone

G           F#            E
Pick up its never who you wish

G                  F#            E
I'm ready for, not ready for the change

G                  F#              r
I'm ready for, not ready for today

*Chorus 1:*

   C                             D                 D/Eb      E A E A
So call me up and let it go, but don't pick up the telephone today

E A       G A F# G
Hey Hey

*Verse 2:*

    E         A/G#   A              B
And I've been losing my once steady footing

E       A/G# A     A  A/G#
Circles ran again

    E       A/G#      A         B          A   Am  B
You left my spinning, heartbeat repeating, oooo

*Repeat Verse 1*

*Repeat Chorus*

Key Switch: (Octaves)

C# D E F# E F# G A G

G          G  G/F#  Em  D

Good Morning, Good Morning

|--Done Writing Love Songs--|

*Verse 1:*

             Am         G        
I'll bury my face in my hands

                    C               F
I'm sifting through thoughts that I have

    Am       G      C       F
And nothings making sense

            Am             G
I called it off, called it quits

                C          F
And this is the melody I'm stuck with

   Am       G      C       F
No nothings making sense


            F           C      
You think I forgot what went wrong

           Am                G                
Well you'd better think that through

          F            C              G
Cause I'm done writing love songs for you

*Verse 2:*

                 Am            G
I'll turn off my heart from my mouth

              C            F
Watching your car leave my house

         Am             G
And I've seen that look before (you're begging, please say something)

       C                   F
And my teeth can't take no more

       Am               G
Do you remember what we were?

*Repeat Chorus*


      Am                       G
Cause you once said we'd never fall apart

     C                        F
If I remember it, you swore a brand new start

      Am                            G
As we laid on that bed, New Jersey, raining hard

       C                               F                 
And we talked through the movie in our favorite part

           Am               G
So tell me howd it get this far

*Repeat Chorus Twice*

|--Brand, New, Friends--|


D  G  Bm  A

*Verse 1:*

D               G                  Bm         A
She's got these brand new friends, I've got a few new songs

D          G              Bm          A
But mostly new headaches, and reasons not to call

D               G          Bm             A
I slept through all today, and rearranged my head

D        G                Bm        A
Couldn't forget your face or how we watched our breath

*Pre Chorus:*

F#m           G 
Flee from our tired mouths, we were lost

F#m             G            A
Please I've got enough on my mind


            D                   C
And I'll be fine, I'm sure your justified

                   Bm               A            G
I can't believe my concious told me that we'd be alright

             D                               C
So roll your eyes, like you need to one more time

                         Bm   A         G
Take your time away, I'm wide awake all night, alright


D  G  Bm  A

*Verse 2:* (Same chords as first)

So what did you expect, you've got me cornered here like this
Where I can feel your breathe, I don't want reminders that I can't

*Pre-Chorus 2:*

Breathe when I'm last to know when you leave
Oh I wanted the closure you keep
Behind locked doors and closed eyes
When I'm thinking will you accept that I am

*Repeat Chorus*


      Bm                        Bm/Bb    
Girl, you keep on talking, your hands on my face

  A                              A/G#                   G
I feel you start breathing, your words are replaced by

      Bm                       Bm/Bb
These things I don't need, the feeling that leaves

A                        A/G#                G
Me hanging here, but I don't know what you expect from me

             Asus4    A
When this is hard to breathe

*Repeat Chorus*



D  A  G  D  A  G  D  A

*Verse 1:*

     D                     A
Oh I once knew a girl from virginia

        E                          F#m
She had eyes like the first day of may

        D                     A
And she talked like she never remembered

        G    D   A
What to say, hey hey

        G    D   A
What to say, hey hey

       D                       A
In the morning she left me her number

         E                       F#m
Then she fled like a bird in the rain

     D                     A
So I sat on the carpet and wondered

        G    D   A
What to say, hey hey

        G    D   A
What to say, hey hey


   F#m                         E    
We crept in the moonlight, she snuck by the door

D               A        E
Oh, virginia no more, no more

    F#m                      E               
And awkward I stumbled, I've been there before

D            E
Oh virginia, no more

*Verse 2*

So I changed out the taste, and I made my escape
Out the door onto our separate ways
And I'll see you around if I do figure out
What to say, hey hey
What to say, hey hey

*Repeat Chorus*


(Same as the verse)



C  Am  G  C  Am  G


C     Am               G
Oh my god this town it feels like a headache

C           Am              G
And all the words inside my mouth won't come through

C             Am         G
I've got this pain in my head that I can't shake

C      Am              G
When I remind myself I can't get to you

       F      Am  G
And it rained all day

      C          Am               F             Am   G  F
And I figured it out, I'm not the person that I used to be

F      Am    G
Washed away

               F       G                 Am           G
Please someone make me okay, because I'm feeling like I might


F      C       Am      G               F        C
Take today and make my way through the town the street

    Am      G
The pouring rain

        F           G              Am           G    F     G      
Because somedays it seems like the clouds won't stay away

C     Am    G          F     Am    G
Ba da ba ba ba, oh oh, ba da ba ba ba

*Verse 2:*

I watched you change with the seasons
I wrote you letters but I forgot to mention that

F                  G              C
I'm a wreck, I'm a mess, you're a stranger

F          G               G
Watch your face fade away, now I'm stuck here

*Repeat Chorus*


You watch me wait on the steps of your house

I stood outside, and you refused to come out

    F         G
And honestly, this is making me sick

    Am               G
And all this time, I tried to hide

    F                         G
The truth inside, but this is making me sick

Making me sick

*Repeat Chorus*

|--Happy - Now--|


|--Follow Me Home--|

*Verse 1:*

I don't believe you

           G                              C
No I don't believe that you're alright

       C/B        F
You're lips I can see through

             G                      G/Ab
Discover the truth, don't stretch a smile

    F                                G                         C  C/B
And someday you'll discover that the friends you left behind

        F                            G                  Am   C    
Are the only people you will have to open up your eyes

                  G                F
Cause you've been living like your blind


    C                     C/B
I'm moving to fast now to let go

Am                          Dm
Losing my chance to make it alone, get out on my own

     F              G              F
Will someone anyone follow me back home?

G   C      C/B
Oh, follow me back home

*Verse 2:*

And I've been thinking that I almost feel okay
Cause I've been dreaming through these wasted summer days
Never sleeping, but I never feel awake
Oh I wish that I had one way, just one way to say

                   Em                    F
That I've got this plan, and these small words

           Am                G
And my big mouth to get them heard

              Em             F            G
Now listen to me, you're not alone if you heard

*Repeat Chorus Twice*


I think its time to go back, time to go back, time to go

Time that you go home

F                                          Am
Never gonna change, never gonna change

             F                     Am
What are you doing?  Where did you go?

             F                     G                     Am   C
What are you doing?  Where did you lose control, did you lose control?

*Repeat Chorus Twice*

*Verse "3":*

        F                       G                   C   
I don't believe you, no I don't believe that you're alright

   C/B     F
No I don't believe you

                G                                 Am      C
Cause there's a part of you that never wanted any part of me

        Em         F
And you never know enough to know

            Am            G
That you're forever gonna be alone

             Em                F   G           C
And you were better before you got better than me

|--Honest (Apologies Endless)--|


Am    Em    G    D

*Verse 1:*

I remember California calling out my name

I remember Carolina and the way she tastes

I fell into Virginia looking for my way,

took the ferry in Seattle to get out of the rain

And I remember watching everybody looking for love

The born-agains and newly weds I met on the run

I lost myself in what I'm not

So I sat down and thought


                 C      G
If I can make an honest mistake

                 Em                 D
Then you can let yourself live this way

                 C      G
If I can make an honest mistake

Then your safe, then your safe

                 C      G
If I can make an honest mistake

                   Em                 D
Then you can't let yourself live this way

                 C      G
If I can make an honest mistake

Then your safe, then your safe

*Repeat Intro*

*Verse 2:*

I saw you left another message but I won't reply
I saw you disappear completely and I don't know why
I'm selfishly connected to a changing mind
I should lift myself and find the time to
Place a call or write you back or
Start to talk with those I have
I'm completely alone, had my time and it passed
But now its time to ask

*Repeat Chorus*


Well you can't wait

And I can't change

D                     C           Cm
Apologies endless for ending this way

*Repeat Chorus*

|--Have You Tonight--|

*Verse 1:*

Am              G               Am           G
Perfect are the people who were out on their own

          F   C       F     C
You gotta get free to live

    Am              G                Am      G
And girl you got me singing like I'm not all alone

          F   C     F  C
You gotta get me to exist


      Am    G         F    C       Am     G       F         C
Cause oh if you could only see the lovely ways in which you breathe

         F             G              E              Am
From the bed where you lay, up to the corners of you eyes

   Am           G        F
If only I could have you tonight

G          Am           G        C
Oh, yes if only I could have you tonight

*Verse 2:*

And faking all the spaces where we meet at the mouth
I gotta win free your kiss
Cause empty are emotions that were freaking me out
In the shade of your love I forgot who I was

*Repeat Chorus*


Trumpet Solo:

Am  G  F  F

    F                        G
And if you do please, I will follow you home

      E                   Am       G
Cause everybody heres got someone

    F                       G
And if you do leave I'll be back on my own

         E                  Am    G    F       G
And I'll save your name for rainy days alone

*Repeat Verse 1*

*Repeat Chorus*


   Am           G    E   C
If only I could have you tonight

|--This Way--|

  G            Am           C
I wake just to find another days past me by

          G     Am          C
And thats all I remember so far

          G               Am 
Watch the sun creep quite dreary eyes

Illuminate the moons goodbye

    G         C           Dsus4  D
And oh how it feels to be young

           Am                   C
Though its over the day that we changed

       Am        C
Oh the love we'd instill if we'd stayed

This way

         G               Am                C
Still we change with the times but see the clocks don't rewind

        G               Am         C
And the hands generally do as they please

          G           Am 
Still its on and on I hear our name,

A generation left astray

    G         C           Dsus4  D
And oh how it feels to be loved

           Am                   C
Though its over the day that we changed

       Am        C               D
Oh the love we'd instill If we'd stayed

               Em           D
Cause when you die well you die,

        C            G    
So just live how you please

           Em      D               C
Because we all are alive and we're free

        Em     D             C             A
Let not anyone claim forward thought paved mistakes

           C                       D
Cause they dressed us then left us alone

        G           Am           C
So I'll wait till I find another day where I'll try

   G                Am              C
To believe I should leave my sheets behind

|--Movin' Along--|


G    Bm    A   A

G    D     A   A

G    A     Bm/Bb

*Verse 1:*

Bm         G          A
Oh my god, I think my heart was asleep

Bm         G            A
I woke up, your face is lost in a dream

Bm            G           A
All this love was singing me to sleep

Bm                     G         A
But now your gone, and so is the melody

Bm                       G       A
And every day, there are flowers sprouting new

Bm                              G         A
Cause out of the rain, the most beautiful things grew

A               Bm     Bm/C#
And I'm growing out of you


D                 Em
I'm moving along, moving along tonight

G                   A
Cause I've been let down and I need to feel high

D                 Em
I'm moving along, moving with love tonight

G                          A                Bb          D
Cause I've been out of the sun, but now its back to the white

*Verse 2:*

Looking through a dirty window, top floor

Trees are lighting up and birth new colors

I'm just too lazy to do it right now, but I'll update it with the rest of movin' 
along soon.  I figured the rest of it out.

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