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Paint By Numbers- Spoonboy


       D              A              G
On the playground you learned how to share with the kids, 
        D            A            G
but you still didn't feel you fit in.  
    D               A               G
How fitting your confusion when you turned 16: 
         D               A                G              A        D
you knew how to paint by numbers, but you knew it wasn't rock and roll.  
            D            A                G
you learned tight pants, spray paint, and eyeliner.  
         D               A         G
you said glam rock would save your soul.  
        D                         A
But you couldn't grasp that the rebellion you wanted 
       G                   A       D
wasn't something you could ever be sold.  
                 E                       G                A
ANd I never understood how someone could be so willing to be 
                   E                     G             A
absorbed into what I never thought could pass as identity.  
                  E                           G
And I always felt bad for the kids who had to share their faces 
         D           A        G
with sad teenagers across the world 
            D                       A
who'd found something to fill their loss, 
    G           A           D
without ever addressing the cause.  
                D                          A
Then I saw your speech patterns imitated exactly 
             G                         D
by a girl in seattle and again in minneapolis, 
     D                   A                  G
so i guess you must have learned that from tv.  
    D                   A
you said you'd find yourself for real, 
         G                 D
but fell that far from the goal.  
    D               A                          G              D
you had to paint by numbers but knew it wasn't r-r-r-rock and roll.
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