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Ghosts Overseas- Spoonboy


A                                          F#
On top of a rock you sit and watch the sun come up 
and turn the sky different colors.  
               F#                D                A                             E
so you stop in awe and think of 'god,' a name you gave for what's the lack thereof.  
A                                                  F#
Across the sea by a coast, there is a boy who sees ghosts, 
and theyre all his own, 
                F#                 D
and though he'd have the space occupied be emptied, 
A            E                   F# G# A
they are his kind and they stay.  
        E               F#
for how close you got before, 
                 A                           E              F#
the ghosts found they could stay in what was his reflection in your eyes, 
    F                A            E                 F#          F
and now those aren't a place that can be looked to, for haunted memories, 
   A        E            F#           F               A
and if only he can see it, eviction's complicated... 
                                           F#                     C#            F#
on top of a rock you sit and watch the sun come up over seas that rest unlike before, 
                    D                         A                E
though you can't be sure if it's changed, and least of all: an explanation.

    A   F#  C#  D   E   G#  F

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