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Misc Unsigned Bands - Freely - Portrait chords

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Verse I

C          Em                   F

The faith to wash, the feet of another

C          Em                   F

Is a faith that's not, undercover

C          Em                   F

What can I do, in a world that's hurting

C          Em                   F

But live like you, always serving


Am                               F

I wanna be like you, I wanna be like you


Am       F         

This is a loud faith

C                      G        

A sacred devotion

            Am                   F                C          G

Reaching out to know who you are

            Am                   F

It's not, a fake life

C                      G

A religious commotion

            Am                               F           C          G

But a living breathing portrait of Christ

Verse II

I give my life, for the sake of others

Lay down my pride, to help my brother

There is no end, to what can happen

When all our words turn to action


Am-F-C                    G

Whoa we're livin for you God
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