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Misc Unsigned Bands - The Ptarmigan Family - Summertime In Alaska chords

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Summertime in Alaska—The Ptarmigan Family

D                     G
Summertime in Alaska, fishin’ everyday,
A                      G	     D
Halibut & salmon, from Kenai to Kachemak Bay.

D                                         G
You dream about catchin’ the big one, and curse the one that got away,
A                                      G                 D
Sunburn and swattin’ mosquitos, havin’ fun the Alaskan way.

D                          G
Bears & salmon swimmin’, moose strollin’ by each day,
A                               G                  D
Eagles flyin’ way up high, and otters who love to play.

D                                   G
It’s not for the city slickers, couch potatoes who want to lay,
A                                               G
It’s made for the young and young at heart, who catch their dinner
just for play.

D                         G
Flyin’ over glaciers, lakes & rivers & hills,
A                                     G	            D
Runnin’ from the big brown bears, and taking seasick pills.

D                               G
So come join us in Alaska, summertime night and day,
A                           G                     D
Big fish waitin’ for us, at least that’s what we pray!

(Alternate Key C, progression C, F, G, F, 
with Bar Chords)

Our family wrote this song together during the summer of 2005, inspired by an early 
halibut fishing trip out of Homer and life here on the Kenai River, which we tried to sum up 
these lyrics.  The “Wintertime in Alaska” verses came later:

Wintertime in Alaska, snowin’ every day,
Grab your skis and snowshoes, and let’s go out and play.

The rivers and lakes are frozen, moose tracks in the snow,
Some of us take our winternaps, but polar bears are on the go.

It’s never too cold for fishin’, with some cocoa in your cup,
Sometimes we have to fish all day, but we’re Alaskans—we never give up.

So come join us in Alaska, wintertime’s here to stay,
Snow capped mountains calling us, to climb, ski, sled and play!
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