Misc Unsigned Bands - Poverty Branch - Come Home chords

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			     COME HOME - Poverty Branch
Tabbed by: creationist777
Email: creationist777@comcast.net

Tuning: Standard
Capo: IV

Intro: C Am F G

Verse 1 (all verses have same progression)
I wrote this song for the broken-hearted
For all you losers who tried and failed
F                                          G
For all us sinners who just wanted to feel alive

Verse 2 
I wrote this song for the yellow-bellied 
For those of us not sure where we stand
F                                          G
And all those charmers who carry a fear of love

Verse 3
I wrote this song for the wounded soldier
The pardoned crooks who died in jail
F                                                 G
For all young people not sure who they're suppose to be

Verse 4
I wrote this song for the tired and weary
For all my sisters who have felt alone
F                                             G
I meant it as a call for all the lost boys to come home

C          Am         F          G
Come home, come home, come home, come home (repeat 4 times)

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