Misc Unsigned Bands - Afraid Of Everest - Lonely Starship chords

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this is how i play the song. it's not 100% correct but it works well with a lower male voice.

 Dm            F                   C
You always insist on going to the edge
But it just keeps on getting farther
 Dm                    F                           C
You're flyin past the black holes and supernovas, faraway explosions
You're landing on the surface
 Dm                          F  
Look, you've found something new
                     C                            Gm
Oh you're getting closer to me now, closer to me now

same for the rest of the song, apart from the end where C is replaced by an Am

Dm : x57761
F : x33211
C: x3201x
Gm : x55333
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