Misc Unsigned Bands - Stephen Jerzak - My Girl chords

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My Girl: Temptations: Stephen Jerzak Version
	C           F		     C	F	 	
I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day
	  C             F		           C		F
When it’s cold outside I got the month of mayyy!!!!
       C Dm     F	G
And I guess you’ll say
C	      Dm	        F	       G
What could make me feel this way?
C			           F	       G
My girl…. My girl WOAH OO WO-AH!!! My girl
              C	       F		      C	             F
You got sooo… much honey baby. The beeees envy me
	     C		   F		 C	            F
I’ve got the sweetest song… Ohh!!! Than the birds up in the trees	
Dm        G
Ooo oo ooo    (tabs 2x)
C	F		C          F		Dm	G
Heyy ey eyy…	 	Heyy ey eyy ee yeah…	 Ooo oo Ooo
            D		         G	              D	G
I don’t need your money, fortune or fame
             D			G	        D			G
I’ve got… all the riches baby!!!	One man could claim…	WOahh oh ohh oh!!!


C		           F	        G		          C
My girl… talkin bout my gi-ir-ir-irl!!!		My girl…

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