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Misc Unsigned Bands - Seanimal And Blakerz - 1337 Sauce Acoustic chords

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CAPO ON 2. (Sounds okay without one as well.)

For all of you who don't know GM, it's just like a C, but up two frets.


Listen up faggots,
     Em              G
this song's about my dick. (My big fat dick)
Am                       Em
I put it in her pussy and I,
I lick the clit. (I'm licking the clit)
Am                       Em
I never use a condom I control my shit,
And then I bust in her face and all
over her tits. (Over her tits)
         Am                               Em
When I'm done she said let's cuddle and I said FUCK THAT,
I gotta hop on my Mage and fucking 
chill in shaaatt. (Chill in shatt)
             Am              Em
And then she gets up, starts lickin' on my bawls
       G                    GM
I said STOP BITCH, World of Warcraft calls. (Warcraft calls)
        Am                          Em
I got a full group for Kara and this shit takes time,
          G                             GM
I'm gonna do some mad deepz and fuckin' loot what's mine. (Loot what's mine)
Am       Em
WTF, this tank is teh geh, 
         G                           GM
he ninja looted my shit and now it's time to pay. (Time to pay)
     Am                  Em
So I leave teh group, and aggro these mobs,
           G                             GM
teach these motherfucking faggots how to do their jobs. (Do their jobs)
GM til end
Do your fucking job faggots, you faggot noob motherfuckers.

Fucking Alliance faggots. I hate you.

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