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The Great Underground Empire

For Sale?

Intro - D5 A5 C5 G5


(First guitar - open chords & second guitar - power chords)

D                   A 
You go to work and it's a sin but you
C              G
Need money you have to feed the children
D                  A 
Hate yourself for what you do 
C              G
And your a single mother too
D                  A
Aborted death from unprotected sex
C              G
Frozen embryo shows the past preserved
D                   A 
For a good cause you tell yourself
C                     G
Least it puts food in your kids mouths


(Both guitars play power chords)

But when I look into your eyes I see
You sell yourself to finance your needs 
But you don't have to go to work anymore
I can give you what you need

Verse 2

You've given up on work and life
Wanna quit but you know you can't survive
All mess up on alcohol
Almost done but can't go now
The benefits alone are not enough
Men have left you in the lurch
Looks like there's no hope this time
Might as well put on your for sale sign

Funky bit and outro - same chords as chorus


www.bebo.com/thegue or www.myspace.com/thegreatundergroundempire
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