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A Stranger In Paradise:The Four Aces.
Top of the Pop Charts in 1954.
             (Capo 5th fret.)
Dm7           G9                Cmaj7  C6
Take my hand..I'm a stranger in paradise. 
C6  Dm7             G9      Fm          Cmaj7   C6
All lost in a wonderland..a stranger in paradise.
C6         Dm7          G9                   Cmaj7
If I stand starry-eyed..that's the danger in paradise..
C6  Am6         Dm7           Fm G9         C
for mortals who stand beside, an angel like you.

           G#7          C#
I saw your face and I ascended..
           Bm6          C7       Fm
out of the commonplace, into the rare.
             E7               A
Somewhere in space, I hang suspended..
C6      Dm7             G9              Cmaj7
until I know, there's a chance that you care.

          Edim        Fm7
Won't you answer this fervent prayer..
G9               Cmaj7   C6
of a stranger in paradise?
C6               Dm7           G9              Cmaj7     C6 
Don't send me in dark despair, from all that I hunger for.
              D7            G9                  Em7   Edim
But open your Angel's arms, to this stranger in paradise.
                   Dm7         Fm G9          C
And tell him that, he need be, a  stranger no more.

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.

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