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Misc Unsigned Bands - The Used Condoms - Bigger Than Jims chords

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This is a hidden track somewhere in The Used Condoms' coming soon self-titled LP. These 
and lyrics are 100% correct. Rate Please.

Capo 5

My penis look like a tube of chapstick

Except its not quite as thick
        Em                              G
And it surely isn’t touched by as many lips

my dick is really weird

my pubes give it a beard
   Em                            G
it looks like a terrorist in my pants
   Em                       G
he might just come out and dance

my penis is like a ball

its round like a doorknob
  Em                       G
one that doesn’t ever get used
  Em                               G
and the girls say its because my pubes

   G         Em
my penis is small                 }
   G         Em
my penis is small                 }    times how many ever you want
   G         Em
my penis is small                 }
         A7                 G
but its still… bigger than jims   }

                          Main Riff (No Capo/ Guitar Two)

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