Misc Unsigned Bands - Kate Mcgill - As We Are chords

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CAPO ON 2. but adjust it to fit your voice! 
here is the video of the song, to play along with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxBrbiYaVsQ

Chords (relative to capo):

A: x02220
Asus4: x02230
E: 022100
E(2): 022120
F#m: 244222
D: xx0232
Dsus2: xx0230

INTRO: A, Asus4, E, E(2), F#m, E, D and Dsus2 x2
       A, Asus4, A, Asus4 (listen to the video for timing)


A                         E
i think it's about time i tidied up in here

A                          E
i haven't seen my floor in over a year

F#m                       D                     A    E 
can't open my door thanks to my fear, i've held back

(strum muted strings)

A                                E
and i don't know what part of my heart goes where

A                             E
it's way too complicated, too hard to bear

F#m                        D
why put myself through all this stress?

           A          E
i care way too much


F#m                  E
and you know, oh you know

just how to be

       F#m            E        A             E
when i return all the love you ever gave to me

(strum muted strings)


D    A

D      A   E

LINK: A, Asus4, E, E(2), F#m, E, D and Dsus2 x2
      A, Asus4, A, Asus4 

(same chords here as the verse, pre-chorus and chorus!)


think i've come to the end of my tether with you
i didn't ever think these words would come through
there's not much else that you could, that i could take


but you know, yes you know
just how to be
when i refuse all the love you ever gave to me



F#m             D               A    E
i think it's a shame we're as we are

F#m             D                        A 
did you for one minute think it would be this hard?

E          F#m           D   F#m   D   E
wait, it's not! at least not for you

D    A

D    A    E   strum E(2) and end on A!
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