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Makes Your Heart Sing - cluds with silver by lisa redford 2009
Capo 2nd fret

	G		    Am7	
Is there someone that you long for
	   C		G		
Now that someone isnít me
Got to try and stop believing 
	C	      G
If it wasnít meant to be
	Em		A7	C	G	
And Iím trying so very hard to be so very strong
Em		A7				C G
Now Iím not the one who makes your heart sing

	G			Am7
Is there someone that youíre holding
	    C			G	
When the night falls, keeps you warm
Is there something that youíre hiding 
	C				G
Deep inside you, keeps you safe from harm
	Em		A7	C			G
And I know itís been so long but time donít mean a thing
Em			A7			C	G	Am7	C	G

When youíve lost that one who makes your heart sing
	G		Am7		C		G
Do you listen to the same shows that we used to on the radio
				Am7		C			G	
When youíre driving down the same streets, all the places we used to go
	Em	A7
And I hope Iíll be alright
C			G
Now that love has gone 
Em		A7				C G Am7 C G
Then Iíll find the one who makes me heart sing  

			Am7	C		G
And I wish you all the love in the world, for all time
			Amy		C			G
And Iíll miss all of those days more than I did when you were mine

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