Misc Unsigned Bands - Tom Lanning - Mellow chords

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Quarter Note=80  Jazzy, Mellow.                 X = Pick hit
                                         / = Change chord
Amaj7  x  Amaj7 CMaj7  x  CMaj7

(Same rhythm throughout, until Bridge)

        /                              /
So many thoughts oh, running roundí my head tonight.
                /                          /
I got all these dreams of making it big in life.
             /                            /  
So Iím gonna start, oh, workiní on up the road.
Oh, Maybe Iíll get somewhere.
Just maybe Iíll see the light.

(Intro x1)

And this mellow feel,
Aintí never been so real.
As I sink into, my big old chair
In three years, hell, I donít know where Iíll be.
Iím Clueless.

          G               Gb              B     
Canít you tell, canít you tell, canít you tell?

But I know that youíll be there when I canít stand,
And I know youíll be waiting for the day.
I know youíll be wishiní for me to sayÖ

Oh, these dreams of mine are cominí on so well.
People, people be chantiní my name, 
And I believe I be workiní my way to fame.
Canít you tell, canít you tell, canít you tell?

Canít you tell, canít you tell, Oh canít you tellÖ

Canít you tell that Iím on my way?
Been workiní hard every day,
Ooh, Baby, when I get my pay.
I got but one thing left to say.

Canít you tell, canít you tellÖ
I did so well.
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