Misc Unsigned Bands - Lancashire Hotpots - Bitter Lager Cider Ale And Stout chords

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Bitter Lager Cider Ale Stouts – Lancashire Hotpots Tabbed by Keith Gibson

CAPO 2nd Fret

A                   E             A
I Went down t local pub the other night
A                          E
A pint of mild there in me sight
         A               A7
Up approached a southern geezer
            D               D7
he said ill haave a Bacawdi Bweeza
         A                E              A
I said I hope your joking son that's not right

A                      E          A
Singing Bitter, Lager, Cider, Ale Stouts
A                                 E
Designer drinks, I'd rather drink nowt
        A                    A7
You can keep your white wine spritzer
    D             D7
Babycham for your sister
      A            E                  A 
Order that in Lancashire son and your out

A                    E             A
I took Jean to Pig & Albert for us tea
A                       E
When some bloke ordered WKD
       A                     A7
Well I didn't know what fort do
               D           D7
When Big Frank ordered Malibu
          A                 E                 A
I tried explain to Jean but she just couldn't see

        A           E             A
Everywhere I turn I see these Alcopops
A                                         E
The kids are drinking 'em hanging round’t shops
         A            A7
I should be their babysitter
        D            D7
I could get 'em onto bitter
        A                 E                 A
No more ASBO's, it's just barley, wheat and hops

Chorus x 2
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