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Tears Of Misery:Pat Hervey.
Top of the Canadian charts in 1962.

           (Capo 1st fret.)

D             Bm              D             Bm
I watched you foolin' 'round..with some new girl you found..
D   F#m        Bm                G         A
you kissed her right in front of me...that night.
G            A               D   F#m Bm             E            A   A7
And then you looked at me to see if  I was cryin'...tears of misery.

D          Bm              D             Bm
But I just smiled at you...though it was hard to do..
D  F#m      Bm                 G           A
it tore the heart right out of me...that's right.
G            A             D   F#m  Bm             E        A    D  D7
But, I would never let you see that I was cryin'...tears of mis..ery.

G                                 D
You're the kind of guy, I guess...who gives out happiness.
E                         A             A7         A
Then like a jumping-jack, you take your love right back.

D            Bm                  D             Bm
Fools wil be fools...it's true...but, I'll get over you.
D   F#m     Bm                  G         A
And someday you'll come running back...to me..oh, yeah.
G            A             D    F#m Bm
By then I'll love somebody new, and you'll be cryin'...
E        A    D
tears of mis..ery.

D              Bm     D Bm  D              Bm     D
Those tears of misery.......yeah, tears of misery...(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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