Misc Unsigned Bands - Zebra Named Spot - Dot Dot Slash chords

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      E     A   C#      B
e-0-    -0-   -0-      -0-
B-0-    -0-   -0-      -0-
G-1-   -2-    -6-      -4-
D-2-   -2-    -6-      -4-
A-2-   -0-    -4-      -2-
E-0-    -0-    -0-     -0-

:/ (Dot Dot Slash)
Zebra Named Spot

      E                 A
There yah go, breaking my heart again
I gave it to you, when suddenly then,
      B                     C#                B
suddenly then, it was ripped out and slammed down.
   E                 A                  C#
Now all I can wear is a half frown.

You ask me how I'm doin', I say I'm doin' decent.
But in reality my life is in a descent.
My hearts been battered, and it lays here tattered.
It's been thrashed, and I've crashed,
So I feel, Dot Dot Slash.

E A C# B
       E                   A
Now all I want is to be holding your hand,
      E                 A
But all I'm seeing is this other man,
        C#                  B
That wasn't my, wasn't my plan.
      E                         A
And quite frankly, I wanna give up.
On you girl, but I can't shake the memories
      B                             E
of how ya used to make my heart whirl.
         A      C#      B
Used to make my whole world.


E A C# B

         E                    A
I wanna give up, I wanna give up.
              C#                         B
I'm sick of all of this doubt, I wanna give up.
        E             A
I'm giving up, on you.
         C#         B                 E
So I feel, yeah I feel, Dot Dot Slash
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