Misc Unsigned Bands - Thomas Wayne And The Delons - Tragedy tab

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Tragedy:Thomas Wayne And The Delons.
#5 in 1959.

F#m                  Em                
Wind and storm, ooh, ooh, gone's the sun, 
F#m               Em       G
from the stars my dark has come..
       D                 Em        D  A A7
you've gone from me, oh, oh, trag..edy.

F#m            Em            F#m            Em      G
Oh, come back, have me here, hold me, love, be sin..cere,
       D                 Em        D   D7
you've gone from me, oh, oh, trag..edy.

     G            Gm      D                 D7
Like smoke from a fire of love, oh, oh, oh, ooh,
    G               Gm    D                 Bm
our dreams have all gone above, oh, oh, oh, ooh.

D                              Em 
Blown by wind, kissed by snow, all that's left 
       A     G   D    
is the dark, be..low.
       D         F#m     Em        D
You've gone from me, oh, oh, trag..edy..
F#m     Em        D
oh, oh, oh, trag..edy.

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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