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We The Gentlemen
Peanutbutter & Jelly
Tabbed by: Nikki Erezo 
-Not sure if this is completely accurate
Email me if it isn't: nikki.erezo@gmail.com-

INTRO: G  D  C  D x2

I think about the times we're together
Oh, please last forever
And something about the way
I always find away to see you

Am                                        D 
I can't explain, it's like we're meant to be
Am                                        D 
Crazy for the Girl, think she's meant for me

              G          D 
It's like i'm Mr. Peanut Butter
           C       D
And you're oh, Ms. Jelly
G                D
You and me taste great
          C            D  
and we'll never seperate

      G               D
We'll talk around for hours
        Em            C
and not even know the time
           Am                                D
but i just wanna know one thing i think it's time

to ask you...

G            D
do you wanna be with me? 
Em         C 
you and me forever
G          D 
mr. peanut. mrs. jelly. 
Em         C  
we're best together

G                D  
you and me taste great
            Em                C  
and we will never separate
and if you ever said yes to me
cuz this song...

           G            D 
i'd be the happiest mr. peanut
              Em            C
you'll be the happiest mrs. Jelly
         G      D    
and we'll be so invincible
     Em           C 
that no one would ever control
    G                D 
our feelings towards each other
        Em         C
i could never love another

        Am                             D
and the only thing i want right now is you...
i'll ask you

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