Misc Unsigned Bands - Lyndsay Wojcik - Flipside tab

			    Flipside  - Lyndsay Wojcik

Tabbed by: miataguy94
Email: miataguy94@gmail.com
Tuning: Standard (E,A,D,G,B,e) CAPO on 4

| h  hammer-on
| x  Mute note

Hi all. My first tab here but I know its right I saw this amazing girl playing live and
played a song so awesome I had to post it. I hope you like it. She does do a little
on stuff that I’ll show you  in tab form. The strums with the x over them can be muted 
can be played openly, its up to you. All chords are relative to capo and this anit perfect
gotta feel the song to fully understand it.

      G    x    C2       x    Em/D     x      D

Welp… that’s actually the whole song… just repeat it.
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