Misc Unsigned Bands - Tipping The Velvet Soundtrack - Oh Rosie chords

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This is the song Kitty sings Nan when she gives her the rose, and later Nan sings to Florence. 

    C                                    G     C
Oh, I can go out on the town  to all the grand hotels,
F                                 G
going it large till midnight with all the London swells
       C         F       G
but it ain’t any good at all.
  C                      F
I cant help remembering, can’t help remembering 
    C               F               G
The girl I kissed behind the garden wall
Oh Rosie, do you remember, 
   F                      G
The promises we made only last September?
C                    G
Why did I have to go away?
    C       G          F        C
We said goodbye with a tear and sigh,
    C         F              G                       C
And whispered all the pretty things that sweethearts say.
 F                 G        C
You promised you’d never forget me.
C F            G         C
I promised I’d always be true.
C   F
Oh Rosie, 

(Dear Rosie…)
         C           G         C
There’s a rose in my heart for you.

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