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Great Bloomers frontman Lowell Sostomi writes some great songs but it is often difficult to make 
them sound good on a single guitar... here's a version of Lobbyist. The actual chords are e and c 
sharp minor etc. but you can play with a CAPO ON 4. I like to finger pick the chords personally. 
Also, sometimes i put a pinkie down on 3rd fret of the high E and make the Am an Am7 just for 
shits and giggles you know? this is my first submission and I can't get the chords 
to go in the right
 spots (especially the ones that are way out to the right of the text) so listen 
to the song for the 

I am not sure if its a real chord by by D4/F# I mean this:

E  3
B  3
G  2
D  0
A  0
E  2

C                Am
step right in 
C                                                   Am
come watch me disintegrate infront of a live audience 
        C           Am    
you have a new look 
       C                                                                Am                F
and i made an old thing dissapear but an unlatched jaw brought it all back here 
F                       C
you think this helps 
C                                          Am
you sleep with the black angels 
i might have said at the show of dawn 
Am                                                        C
i broke your heart and it wont be long till 
it's broken again 
but the meddling birds all know my name 
caught a peak of a dream and a winter's game 
    C                             Am 
for all interested in playing  
        F                                 Am
well you're still holding on 
you still count on me to meet you and tell you, honey 
D4/F#              F
i am not the one for you
           Am                            D4/F#           F
these times are hard but their still ours
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