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Make It Last by Jaime Leighton
Guitar and Vocals by Amanda Leighton

Looking around waiting for the sun to shine 
Not a care in the world
ĎCause youíre the only thing on my mind
Youíre looking at me, Iím looking at you
No where to go, and nothing to do

Then I look at you
I see that beauty in your smile
I want you to hold me tight 
And make the world stop for a while

Chorus: (same as verses)
I want nothing to change 
And no time to pass
I wanna hold onto this moment
And make it last

You were always there to hold me
  And you were always there to show me the way
Youíre the only one who made me
Make it through another day
And when I look into those eyes 
Those ocean blue eyes
I get this kinda feeling, and know
I still am alive


Thank for sticking by me
The past is behind me
Though I wonít make it through another day
I want you to know 
That when Iím with you
My heart is ok 

And when I look at you 
I canít see that smile anymore
I want you to hold me
This doesnít feel alright
And now I know 
I wonít make it through the night
Wish I could turn back time
And make it last

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