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Misc Unsigned Bands - Mbm - Lights chords

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Drop D Tunning

Chord tabs for verse section
   [D]   [G]
el- 0  -  0
Bl- 0  -  0
Gl- 0  -  0
Dl- 4  -  4
Al- 5  -  5 
Dl- 0  -  5 


D             G                 D                 G
Neon blue and violet skies that hold contempt for our lives
D               G                    D                    G
in the distance someone screams, try your luck, as lovers ignore the crowds
D                 G                     D                  G
giant wheels that turn our lives, cause round and round we still go
D                       G                     D                      G
there must be more than painted smiles, these games, this routine is empty

D                      Bm       G
the lights are all mis-leading
D                       Bm        G
this heart is done with bleeding
D              Bm      G
I could find a million reason why it 
D               Bm    G
isnt worth you leaving
G                                   G  D  G C G
the lights are all mis-leading tonight

Verse 2
stain glass window shows a hundred candles lit to save all our souls
roof tops glow with jealousy for the love you know that should be
we been hiding the truth, the lies, the lights are becoming blinding
somethings got to give, we both new this day would soon be coming


C  G  D

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