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Misc Unsigned Bands - Juice - Someday chords

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Verse 1:
Em                                C                              G 
Dont you worry now 'cause ill be right there waiting for you to come back 
                         D                                       Em   
home the place where you used to stay but after the illness you went away 
                          C                                       G
in the hospital bed oh I know it's a dread but please toughen it out I said
cause ill be with you someday

Chorus: x2
Em                            C                                        G
Someday ill be up there with you but i knew it would go this way that day
oh someday

Verse 2:
         Em                             C                                G
Now the hospital line went straight oh please God open up the gates now say
                                   D                 Em 
goodbye we all love you and we'll try not to cry but you have left us here
       C         G                    D
oh i cant bear please God take me up there

Chorus: x2

Em                                            Em9                      Cmaj7
now were all dressed in black 'cause we know you're not comin back its just
too weird and its not comin out that clear

Chorus: x3 (but the first one is barely strummed, almost just vocals)

Solo: same chords as chorus
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