Misc Unsigned Bands - Pita Pan - Release Her chords

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Pita Pan  Release Her (2009)
(Chords found by ear)

Dm                            C
Hey you you have the girl i love,
F                        G
the reason that i breath, the reason that i live
Dm                             C
Oh please , please give her to me
F                       G 
she keeps in happyness all the time i need it

Dm       C
Release Release
Dm          C         Dm
Release the small cute monster
Dm       C
Release Release
Dm             C         Dm
Release this magic heart

Dm                C
I cry, i cry for her
F                                     G
her heart is in your hands and you let her in this sorrow
Dm                      C                        
I have the power , The power that she needs 
F                                   G
my feelings your this girl are totally outmatched

Am                 E
I can't even control it
Am                E
Everyday i need her more
Am                E
One day just like the other
Am                E
I will erupt as a volcano

Em        C          D
Release Release Release her Release her
F#m     D          E
Release Release Release the girl i love (repeat)
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