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Let Heaven Shout
Jessie Rogers

This is for the chords without the capo. They may not be perfect, but they sound pretty good.

Intro: C

Verse 1:
   C        F      Am      G
I surrender all to You, my God
       C        F     G
I will give You all I have
        C       F     Am        Am     F
For You took my filthiness and made me clean

F                 F
I love You, Lord
     C       F      Am
Your praises I will sing
Let Heaven shout 
   C       F     Am 
For I have been redeemed


Verse 2:
      C       F
I lay down my life
   Am        G
My plans, my rights
        C        F       G
For Iím captured by Your love
C        F         Am       Am   Am   F           
Though I lose this world, I will know You

Repeat Chorus

F   Am     G
Nothing compares (4x)
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