Misc Unsigned Bands - Sherwin Yeo - Stir Up Your Might chords

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A2 E F#m B C#m A2

Verse 1
A2			       E
Your ways are higher than all we come up with
A2				E
Your knowledge deeper than all of manís
	F#m          B            C#m
Yet we still try to do all we can
A2                                   E
You taught the eagle to soar above us
A2                                         E
You showed the way to the birds in the sky
     F#m	      B		         C#m   B       A2
Yet why can't we trust you when we fall down Lord
                 C#m     B      A2             B
Oh we're falling down Lord       Oh God

E			   A2
Stir up Your might and come and save us
    E				  A2
Restore us our sight so we can see what You gave us
E			         F#m
We were all blind but Your glory still shines
	        C#m   B A2
So have Your way in us
    E			A2
Greater than You we know there is none
          E                                       A2
You gave us salvation through Jesus Your Son
                 E                                  F#m
Through You we see, cause You made us be
                     C#m  B   A2
So may Your Will be done
	  C#m  B    A2        E F#m B C#m A2 		To Bridge: B
Let Your Will be done

Verse 2
A2			   E
You always love us no matter the sin
A2			E
You always draw us back to You
     F#m                          B                         C#m
Yet why do we always say we donít need You
A2                              E
Perfect in power yet always forgiving 
A2                             E
You offer shelter to us when we're weak
     F#m                  B      	         C#m     B   A2
Yet we always reject you from our messed up lives
                    C#m    B          A2             B
Lord weíve messed up our lives       Oh God  (Chorus)

C		   D
Lord I cannot imagine life without You
C                               D
Lord I want to devote myself to You
C                                           D
Take my Soul, take my heart, take my mind
                 C                     D
And transform me and set me free       (Chorus)
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