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Misc Unsigned Bands - Dylan Modern Family - In The Moonlight Do Me chords

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OK, here are the lyrics taken from ABC's website.
The verso chords are: D C# Bm D
The Chorus goes like this: Bm G D F#

The stars are falling from the sky

And you're the reason why

The moon is shining on your face

And I finally think it found its place

Cuz maybe baby

I just wanna do you, do you

Do you wanna do me, do me?

Underneath the moonlight, moonlight

And now we're hiding in my car

I let you see my scars

Escape the dark for just one night

Your heart makes me explode with light


Baby maybe

Maybe I will steal you, steal you

Just so I can feel you, feel you

Maybe that will heal you, heal you

On the inside
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