Misc Unsigned Bands - Ruby And Liam - Kisses Hurt So Much chords

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First Tab Ever!!! Great song. Sung by Rebecca Breeds when she plays Mercutio after 
both Romeo and Juliet have died.

Intro: Am C G Am C G

Am                           C
Two star crossed lovers
Tears in the night sky
Am                   C
Sweet young stolen hearts
Aching to know why

Am                      C   
Kisses hurt so much
Kisses hurt so much
When they say goodbye
Am                      C   
Kisses hurt so much
                           G (palm mute second time)
Kisses hurt so much   x2

 G (palm mute)
When they say
          G (strum every string from the bottom up)

The Am and C chords are played for 2 counts each and the G chord is played for 4 counts.
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