Misc Unsigned Bands - Kjr - Try Harder chords

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Dm   Am/D                             Bbmaj7     F                  C 
        your past haunts you like a  cold ghost   in mid-september

Dm   Am/D                        Bbmaj7     F              C 
         and you'd do anything                 to not remember...


Em7b5    A7                      Dm7           G7
      i tried to talk to you in- to  comning  home
A#                G                    A
     but you keep    saying that you won't


              C     D     G     A   A#      C   F
Come on just try   try-i-i   harder baby- yeah yeah
                          C     D     G     A   A#      C   F
I'll be here for when you try, try-i-i harder baby..

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