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Be Strong
LDS Mutual Theme 2010. Joshua 1:9

          C                                  Am                  F            
When the world and it's temptations seem to call you by name, Be strong. Be 
G                  C                                 Am              
strong. When they question everything you put your faith in everyday, Be 
F             G                Am                  F                 G
strong. Be strong. When your trials seem like they're too hard to bear' 
           Am                  F                   G
remember someone else stands by you who's already been there.

C                  Am                     F                    G           
Be Strong and of a good courage, be not afraid stand firm in the faith. For 
     C                    Am         G       C       F       G    C
the Lord will be with us wherever we go. Be his, be one, be strong!

2nd verse same chord progression as 1st


Thanks! XD

- Swatsonsings
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