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Misc Unsigned Bands - Josh Nelson - Ldor Vador chords

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         G                          D/F#
We are gifts and we are blessings, 
          Em7   G    C9
we are history in song 
         G                          D/F#
We are hope and we are healing, 
           Em7     G    C9
we are learning to be strong
            Em7                       Bm7
We are words and we are stories, 
            C9      Dsus    G
we are pictures of the past 
         Em7              Bm7
We are carriers of wisdom, 
           Am7          Bm7    C9  Dsus  D
not the first and not the last
G                   C9        G      D
L'dor vador nagid godlecha 
G                               C9            D
L'dor vador... we protect this chain 
G                            C9  G  D
From generation to generation
Em7     G              C9               D                G  D/F# 
L'dor vador, these lips will praise Your name
Em7  G  D

G                          D/F#
Looking back on the journey 
              Em7   G    C9
that we carry in our heart 
                  G                     D/F#
From the shadow of the mountain 
          Em7            G      C9
to the waters that would part
             Em7                     Bm7
We are blessed and we are holy, 
           C9       Dsus      D
we are children of Your way
               Em7                    Bm7
And the words that bring us meaning, 
          Am7          Bm7           C9  Dsus  D
we will have the strength to say
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