Misc Unsigned Bands - Shane Harper - Dance With Me chords

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                        DANCE WITH ME - Shane Harper
Tabbed by: j24mew
Email: j24mew@yahoo.com

Tuning: Standard

G      320033
D      xx0232
Em7    020033
Cadd9  032033

strumming pattern for INTRO/VERSE: down-up-change chord-down

Intro: G D Em7 Cadd9

1st verse: G D Em7 Cadd9
Well I don't know what to do here
I can't get my eyes off of you dear
Everything you do is amazing and
I'm just saying you're so beautiful
in every way, girl
Could you please just stay

Chorus: G D Em7 Cadd9
I'm just sayin' what is real and
I'm just sayin' how I feel
When I'm with you I'm on top of the world
Could you, could you be my girl
I get the chills on a warm summer's day
when I'm with you, you take my breath away
walk with me, talk with me, and stay with me
and when ___?___ me, dance with me

2nd Verse: G D Em7 Cadd9
I get nervous when I'm talkin' to you 
but on the dance floor you know I can come through
I know how to lay it down
listen to the sound, baby
let your body hit the ground
let your body hit the ground

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: G D Em7 Cadd9
Well I've danced before with other girls, but not like this
I've moved to the rhythm a thousand times, but not like this
this is the difference
you're the one I'm missin'
just give me a try
I'll show you why yeah

Repeat chorus twice
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