Misc Unsigned Bands - Rhianna Larocque - You Say chords

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Capo on 2nd fret

D      A                         G
You you say you could hold your own
if you were given the chance to fight
   D        A                          G
and you you say that i should have known
     A7                  G
but i let that mistake be made
G                       E
well all these words you speak
         G                   A
they mean nothing nothing to me yeah

D             E                  G
why dont we take a step back and think about
A                       D
every little thing weve done
       E          G
take a look at the fact 
that youve already
D    E     G        A               D             
won me over but the games have just begun 
E    G      A

You you say that i am easy
to figure out
and you you say that you could find me
but i still have my doubts 
and all the things you say
they wont ever matter anyway

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