Misc Unsigned Bands - Los Capitanes - Going Abroad chords

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Los Capitanes-Going Abroad

Transcribed- kelaninator@optusnet.com.au

The intro is the verse chord progression, but you play the chord then pick the 
strings appropriately

A                         C#7                    Dmaj7
As I sit by the pool of my best friend's ho-------use

My mind will wander

A                 C#7                   Dmaj7
What the hell am I-- still doing here? Yeah

When I could be yonder

A             C#7                 Dmaj7
Overseas in a reggae paradise, yeah

That would be nice

A                     C#7              Dmaj7
Under the shade of a swaying palm tree---

Just sounds so goddamn perfect to me

A                  C#7                      Dmaj7
Just to escape, to elope or to break free, yeah

                     E                             Bm
Somewhere far away, far from Canberra preferably

        E             A
Going abroad, for a while

A                          C#7                  Dmaj7
I'll miss the band and the girl I left behind, yeah

I hope that girl don't mind

A                  C#7            Dmaj7
Thought I was happy where I was

                       E                            Bm
And I still am, don't ask me why, it's just because

        E             A
Going abroad, for a while

Bm             E                   A
Yeah, going abroad, for a little while

F#m          Bm                                    
Coconuts and novelty cups with umbrellas on the tops

F#m         Bm           
I like them lots

F#m                  Bm
No need for worries, no need to shout

          F#m                      Bm
But I say what if the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about?

            C5      E       Bm
Have I been wasting my time, all of these years?

F#m                                 Bm
Wanting girls that I cannot get and, buying them beers

F#m         Bm
To no avail, I'll always fail

         F#m           E              Bm
I say oh no, I need to get out of here

         E           A
Going abroad for a while
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