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Misc Unsigned Bands - James Wilson - Run To You chords

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Written by James Wilson 2010 
Capo 4
Run to You

Verse 1

G                                               Csus
There was a time, that I believed love was just easy
G                                                     Csus
Something you find if you're stupid and blind without care
G                                                  Csus
But love isn't love without living your life for another
G                                               Csus
And spending eternity wishing you'd always been there

Pre Chorus

Now I know the secret, I know I believe and
I realise now it's all true
When they told me you loved me, and suffered there for me
Csus                           D
I raise up my hands, praising you

       G                  Csus
Now I run to you, lift my eyes to you
      am               D
As I fall into, your grace
        G                      Csus
When I slip and fall, you will hear my call
            am                                             D
I'll hold strong to your, merciful, glorious, beautiful, love...
with light on my face from above
light on my face from above

Verse 2
Blackened my beating heart, nothing but fear, imperfection
Weakness surrounds me while, sin is just desperate to reign
Cling to your words, then I fly, spread my wings like an eagle
Cleansed by the powerful blood from the cross once again

Pre Chorus then Chorus

Fill in

Verse 3

Lord I know nothing, that ever has been made
Is worthy, is worthy, is worthy of you
and Lord now I pray, on this path I'll stay
to serve you, to serve you, to serve you right through x 4 (getting louder)

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