Misc Unsigned Bands - Lou Fellingham - This Is My Worship chords

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A really delightfull little worship number. Works really well if played 
softly and gently building it up as you go through it. 
You can go off in a few different tangents with this one. 

Verse 1
         G            C              Em                 D/F#
In all I do and all I say, let Your love abound through me
          G                 C
On every path that my life takes
          Em                D/F#
Let Your light shine out of me
                    Am                       Em
In things that are seen and things that are hidden
              G                      Dsus4
Iʼll seek to delight Your heart O God
D               Am                     Em
For nothing is mine that You have not given
                  G       C          D/F#
Iʼll honour You Lord with my whole life

             C                  Em
This is my worship, this is my worship
                 G       Dsus4
Living for Your glory O God
              C                 Em
In all of my dealings let me be pleasing
             G             Dsus
It is Jesus Christ who I serve

Verse 2

With every gift Your mercy brings
I will work towards Your cause
To share good news with every heart
Is Your charge to those Youʼve called
Your love is so vast
Your grace so compelling
And all that is good is sourced in You
Now as I draw near, You call me to share in
The wonder of all the Godheadʼs love
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