Misc Unsigned Bands - The Class Of Xiii - Goodbye chords

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Note: this is played by plucking:

Band      :The Class of XIII
Song      :Goodbye
Tabbed by :Adrian
           (bassist of The Class of XIII)

Intro: Dsus2 - Bm7- G - Asus7 - 2x
 Dsus2     Bm7  
|--0--|  |--2--|  |--3--|  |--0--|
|--3--|  |--3--|  |--3--|  |--3--|
|--2--|  |--2--|  |--0--|  |--0--|
|--0--|  |--4--|  |--0--|  |--2--|
|--x--|  |--2--|  |--2--|  |--0--|
|--x--|  |--x--|  |--3--|  |--x--|
Verse I:

Dsus2                          Bm7-           G-
 It's been so long that we've shared our hearts
                                  Asus7                Dsus2
 We promise to each other that our love will really last
               Bm7                     G-
 I'm afraid that one day you will break all the promise
 That we've made and you will leave me away.

--Refrain I--

      Bm7-  Asus2-    G--
 And I can't leave without you
         Bm7-   Asus2-G-  Asus2
 Cause I really need you..hmmm


Dsu2-Asus2                  Bm7
 Why,why are you saying goodbye?
        G-     Asus2              Dsus2-Asus2
 I'm begging you,please don't go away
 This mustn't be,please stay
        G-      Asus2
 Don't say goodbye to me. (Dsus2 - Bm7- G - Asus7 - 2x)

Verse II:

Dsus2              Bm7            G-
 I've been missing you all the time
 Every time I recall it, my tears are dripping down
Dsus2                Bm7
 I'm all alone here, always waiting 
           G-                 Asus7
 That one day you will call at me.

Refrain II:

   Bm7     Asus2 G-
 I need you here,baby..
 Bm7     Asus2-G-Asus2
 just to breath


Adlib: Dsus2-Asus2-Bm7-G 2x



Em                    G-            Dsus2
 I've been waiting all day and night
 But you've never came back
Em                    G-
 I've been searching for you out there
 But I can't find you..Ohh
(repeat chorus) 
Dsus2 - Asus2- Bm7- G - 
Asus Dsus
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